About Resurgence Web Design

About Resurgence Web Design

Resurgence Web Design (RWD) is an idea that we came up with in 2013 as a way of delivering modern, maintainable websites for local businesses. Since we started RWD a lot has changed on the web. Services like SquareSpace and WordPress have changed the way websites are designed and deployed. Solutions for content management on the web continue to evolve and become more accessible to casual users. At the same time those solutions have become increasingly more complex to develop. The web has grown to much greater proportions and requires solutions that scale accordingly.

Phase 2

In 2017 RWD shifted our focus from targeted solutions to broad solutions. This includes training, (YouTube, Medium) as well as frameworks and plugins GitHub. Our hope is that by contributing to the industry, helping to build the skillsets of our peers, that we will help to move the web forward and usher in future generations who will continue to expand on the foundation that has been laid over the past 30 years. Our blog contains articles, videos, training, applications, and code repositories that strive to empower developers and designers to explore, learn, and build new things.


Starting in 2018 we are turning our focus to building new frameworks and enhancing existing ones. jSchema, our flagship data management toolkit for JavaScript, continues to be a key deliverable along with our VueJS plugins like d3vue and v-currency. We will continue to submit articles to some of our partners such as SitePoint and CodeBurst and we will be looking to other publishers to share our content to a broader audience. Stillbank is steady state and we are hoping that other applications will follow soon as well.

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who helped to make RWD successful over the years. Weather you are new or have been with us since the beginning we love our supporters and are always excited to get feedback. We hope that you get something of value from us and that we will continue to be integral in the success of the web as a platform going forward.

About Me

RWD is mostly a one-man-band, Brian Greig, and I do my best to keep the ship afloat. I am a husband and father of two as well as a full time JavaScript Engineer. The tools and tutorials provided here are my own and don’t in any way reflect the views of my employer. You can follow me on Twitter (@IgnoreIntuition) and I am always looking for ideas, comments, and even criticism to help make RWD the best it can be.