Utility - Ascii Spinner

Utility - Ascii Spinner

2017, Nov 19    

Ascii Spinner

Ascii Spinner is a simple spinner that you can add to any application to indicate progress with very little overhead.

How to use:

var el = document.getElementById('output1')
var s = new Spinner(0, appendSpinner);

function appendSpinner(s){
  el.innerHTML = s;

document.getElementById('startBtn').addEventListener('click', function(){

document.getElementById('stopBtn').addEventListener('click', function(){

Spinner object takes two parameters:

1st Parameter: Spinner type

  • 0: round spinner
  • 1: Vertical rectangular spinner
  • 2: Horizontal rectangular spinner

2nd Parameter: function to pass the spinner

Once the spinner is created it can be toggled on and off using the start and stop function


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